A bit more background...

I am a fully qualified professional hairdresser with over 45 years experience.  I did my training and apprenticeship at South Trafford College of Further Education in Cheshire.

On finishing my training I was employed as a stylist at Pampers Hair Salon for Phil Bates in Withington, Manchester.  After a few years I moved on to another salon, before deciding to travel to America,  whilst in the U.S I worked as a part time stylist.  

Upon my return to the UK I decided to move to the Isle of Man, the birth place of my Mother and where I had spent many childhood holidays.

Shortly after arriving I setup my first salon in Arbory Street, Castletown.  In November 1981 it became Michael Andrew Hairdressing.  From here on I became married and had 3 children.

Since my childhood days as a 'Saturday Boy' in a local salon to now in 2018 with 40+ years of hairdressing background I have a broad background in the art of hairdressing which gives 'Hair At Home By Andrew' it's distinctive edge as an independent service.