Hair At Home By Andrew

Over 45 Years of hairdressing experience that comes to your home


Your own home can become your personal hairdressing salon.

To my existing clients and new... Welcome to my new website.

Hair At Home by Andrew provides a fully qualified, professional hairdressing service that comes to your home.  Andrew takes hairdressing skills from Manchester and London and provides them to all reaches of the Isle of Man.

Andrew owned a very popular salon for twenty five years in the south of the island.  His next few years were spent working with Marco Leonetti and his team at Utopia in Douglas.  Having spent the majority of his career in the salon he decided to work as a freelance hairdresser.  The idea behind it was to bring his expertise in hairdressing to peoples homes.

Over the years Andrew has completed various workshop courses covering all aspects of his trade including - cutting, colouring and hair design.  His most recent colouring course was run by Lee Stafford a top colourist in the industry.  Other notable names he has worked with include long hair design with Patrick Cameron and his staff.

When possible Andrew also works with suppliers to get the latest in products training, his last meeting was with the Wahl Academy